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Seafood Applications

Flexible Films seafood

Flexible Films

Flexible films made of medium or high barrier polypropylene (PP), nylon, or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) allow for higher packaging speeds, presentation, and shelf life.

Semi-Rigid Films seafood

Semi-Rigid Films

Semi-rigid films can be used for specialty applications including cheese packaging, luncheon meats, and raw products. Different barriers (high, medium, breathable) and colors are available.

Multilayer Shrink Bags & Films seafood

Multilayer Shrink Bags & Films

Multilayer shrink bags and films (form shrink) are available with different barrier properties for numerous protein and cheese products. Cooking with shrinkable bags and films with adhesion results in higher product yields. These bags and films can be extruded in different colors, and printing is available for brand presentation.

Vacuum Skin Packaging seafood

Vacuum Skin Packaging

Vacuum skin packaging (VSP) films can be used for ready-to-eat or fresh products to improve shelf life and brand presentation.

Specialty Products seafood

Specialty Products

Specialty products are available tailored to various applications including films that seal to aluminum trays and CPET trays used for high temperatures of +350°F. More options may be available upon inquiry.

recyclable packaging


Various pouch designs include flat, gusseted, standup, etc. These pouches can be produced using different types of resins, and options for opening and reclosing, colors, laminated or surface print, and barrier ratings are available.