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Recyclable Applications

Compatible with Curbside Recycling

Spektar USA and our partners have developed a line of high barrier, medium barrier, and breathable flexible packaging materials that are compatible with municipal recycling programs, “curbside recycling.” While the exact definition of curbside recycling varies widely depending on where you live, it generally means that any materials collected at the home are sent to recycling centers. Most of our products are made from 100% recycled material, and as much of it is made from curbside recycled materials as possible. We call this “post-consumer” recycled content. While the materials accepted by your local recycling service will vary, when it comes to packaging the most prevalent materials are paper, cardboard, metals, and plastic.

We have developed these materials due to the increased concerns of packaging being discarded in the waste stream, which puts pressure on finding new sites to dump the municipal waste. At Spektar USA, we feel that working to increase the amount of packaging materials that can be recycled through the same application will not only help lower the growing amount of waste but will also work toward a substantial reduction of flexible packaging in the chain.

Recyclable Films

Recyclable Films

Offered in polyethylene and polyester based films with different barrier options (high, medium, and breathable). Options for colors, laminations, and printing are available.
recyclable packaging

Recyclable Pouches

Offered in polyethylene based films with different barrier options (high, medium, breathable). Options for colors, laminations, printing, standup, zippered, handles, etc are available.