About Us

Spektar USA was established in 2011 with a focus on select food packaging materials and packaging machine repair. In 2017, we continued our efforts to provide food processors with a systems approach to low-cost, high-quality materials and equipment by partnering with other global manufacturers. Engineering developments in 2019 led to BRC/SQF improvements with our vacuum thermoforming equipment offerings, as well as general reliability and finished package quality. After consistent improvement of our customers’ packaging materials and equipment, we evaluated additional opportunities in 2020 to help lower manufacturing costs by supplying high quality natural, collagen, and cellulose casing, as well as color and flavor transfer plastic casing.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to many challenges for us, our partners, and our customers, but it also provided opportunities to confront those challenges with increased innovation in robotics and material development that increased safety for both the processor and the consumer.